Abordagem dimensional em psiquiatria e filosofia do processo: notas preliminares

  • Mauricio Viotti Daker
Palavras-chave: Dimensional psychopathology, Process Philosophy, Unitary psychosis, Dynamic systems, Philosophy and psychiatry.


Dimensional psychopathology and process philosophy form together a potentially fruitful research field in psychiatry and philosophy. The continuum of mental disorders and the tradition of unitary psychosis might profit from process metaphysics, which emphasizes flowing processes in a creative nature that comprises consciousness. Seeing dimensions through the lens of process philosophy means that there are internal relations among psychopathological manifestations, that is, they are not detachable, isolated things and do not simply present themselves randomly side by side. Electromagnetism and quantum physics show a dematerialized nature in which vibrations, forces or energies act flowingly at the basis of reality: matter would be derivative or moments in a process. Psychiatric syndromes can be considered moments in a process as well. Nature is more vivid, loaded with a panexperientialism or pansubjectivism, making it less problematic, or rather a misplaced question, the riddle of how the mind arises from objects.


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